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注意!GNS3 的版本号和 GNS3 IOU VM 的版本号必须一致!否则两者无法协同工作!

比如:GNS3 的版本是 1.5.3 ,那么 GNS3 IOU VM 的版本也必须是 1.5.3 ;如果 GNS3 是 1.5.3 ,而 GNS3 IOU VM 是 2.0.0 ,那么它们之间是无法协同工作的!

GNS3 是一款具有图形化界面可以运行在多平台(包括 Windows 、Linux 和 MacOS 等)的网络虚拟软件。Cisco 网络设备管理员或是想要通过 CCNA 、CCNP 和 CCIE 等 Cisco 认证考试的相关人士可以通过它来完成相关的实验模拟操作。同时它也可以用于虚拟体验 Cisco 网际操作系统 IOS 或者是检验将要在真实的路由器上部署实施的相关配置。

简单说来它是 dynamips 的一个图形前端,相比直接使用 dynamips 这样的虚拟软件要更容易上手和更具有可操作性。

GNS3 整合了如下的软件:

  • Dynamips :一款可以让用户直接运行 Cisco 系统( IOS )的模拟器
  • Dynagen :是 dynamips 的文字显示前端
  • Pemu :PIX 防火墙设备模拟器
  • Winpcap :Windows 平台下一个免费、公共的网络访问系统,开发 winpcap 这个项目的目的在于为 win32 应用程序提供访问网络底层的能力

GNS3 的特点:

  • 设计优秀的网络拓扑结构
  • 模拟 Cisco 路由设备和 PIX 防火墙
  • 仿真简单的 Ethernet 、ATM 和帧中继交换机
  • 能够装载和保存为 dynamips 的配置格式,也就是说对于使用 dynamips 内核的虚拟软件具有较好的兼容性
  • 支持一些文件格式( JPEG 、PNG 、BMP 和 XPM )的导出

1、GNS3 for Windows :

GNS3 for Windows 1.5.3 下载地址:GNS3-1.5.3-all-in-one.exe(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Windows 1.5.2 下载地址:GNS3-1.5.2-all-in-one.exe(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Windows 1.5.1 下载地址:GNS3-1.5.1-all-in-one.exe(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Windows 1.5.0 下载地址:GNS3-1.5.0-all-in-one.exe(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Windows 1.4.6 下载地址:GNS3-1.4.6-all-in-one.exe(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Windows 1.4.5 下载地址:GNS3-1.4.5-all-in-one.exe(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Windows 1.4.4 下载地址:GNS3-1.4.4-all-in-one.exe(百度云盘备用链接

md5sum :

55eb25e2f50d8bf2aaffdf33d03eccca GNS3-1.4.4-all-in-one.exe
53d193da6623029188d95eb028562af9 GNS3-1.4.5-all-in-one.exe
d9e04c3f1caf28d3f0fc2721de71c02b GNS3-1.4.6-all-in-one.exe
c5a401a62c64631e0cca0f1ce99818ac GNS3-1.5.0-all-in-one.exe
cea1688224e3ac67a20390ffcc86c25e GNS3-1.5.1-all-in-one.exe
14e275a53eb73fb5f993a8c36f88a0d5 GNS3-1.5.2-all-in-one.exe
efa553f0cc9f637fd006cc3dc1372647 GNS3-1.5.3-all-in-one.exe

2、GNS3 for Mac :

GNS3 for Mac 1.5.3 下载地址:GNS3-1.5.3.dmg(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Mac 1.5.2 下载地址:GNS3-1.5.2.dmg(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Mac 1.5.1 下载地址:GNS3-1.5.1.dmg(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Mac 1.5.0 下载地址:GNS3-1.5.0.dmg(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Mac 1.4.6 下载地址:GNS3-1.4.6.dmg(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Mac 1.4.5 下载地址:GNS3-1.4.5.dmg(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Mac 1.4.4 下载地址:GNS3-1.4.4.dmg(百度云盘备用链接
GNS3 for Mac 1.4.1 下载地址:GNS3-1.4.1.dmg(百度云盘备用链接

md5sum :

de19b05802cea566aa54fd9c13f5dac3 GNS3-1.4.1.dmg
9d2ab23373ba44e6c584e3b65e8d8a15 GNS3-1.4.4.dmg
69aedbbf47dc6aecd7e0ea2f00030bf2 GNS3-1.4.5.dmg
579d21a04a752ce591d3b4dbd8c53fcf GNS3-1.4.6.dmg
8c692caacec4799fe8779820602c0448 GNS3-1.5.0.dmg
23380a7dba1094579faa3a18d064735d GNS3-1.5.1.dmg
ab8f63d3be86fa64093dd42d3d689833 GNS3-1.5.2.dmg
e3b74d164c13899ea39303eec26525b4 GNS3-1.5.3.dmg


3、GNS3 IOU 安装和升级教程:

请点击这里:GNS3 IOU 安装和升级教程汇总


5、GNS3 更新日志:

GNS3 1.5.3 更新日志:( 2017 年 1 月 12 日)

  • Upgrade Qt 5.7
  • Fix sporadically systemd is unable to start gns3-server

GNS3 1.5.2 更新日志:( 2016 年 8 月 18 日)

  • Make more clear that VMware VM are not ESXi
  • Add AppData and Desktop files
  • Fix you can not select the server for VPCS
  • Fix error when removing an interface from a cloud
  • Fix crash when scanning a directory for image and you don’t have permission on a file
  • Bring back the warning dialog when no router is configured
  • Fix rare crash in server summary
  • Fix crash during export
  • Move utils.vmnet to gns3 namespace
  • Fix Exporting portable projects with QEMU includes base images even when selecting no.
  • Catch error when md5sum file is corrupted
  • requirements.txt : added support for newer aiohttp version
  • Improve compaction of .gns3project
  • Fix crash when winpcap is not installed

GNS3 1.5.1 更新日志:( 2016 年 7 月 7 日)

  • Try to fix a crash when reseting interface label
  • Fix a crash with broken file system
  • Fix EtherSwitch default name format
  • Fix crash when you have utf-8 char in the README
  • Fix rare crash when creating a link
  • Stop node before hot unlink
  • Prevent a crash due to issue in Qt
  • Add another security to prevent client to send empty hostname
  • Fix rare crash when deleting interface from the cloud
  • Fix rare crash in topology summary view
  • Ask user to send explanation if they cross a rare error
  • Fix rare crash when deleting a node
  • Hotlink support for Docker
  • Fix typo in the a warning dialog
  • Fix Remote GNS3 VM requires local server
  • Fix AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘_server’
  • No timeout when importing a .gns3project
  • Increase the number of interface for docker
  • Add the method in the bad request answer
  • Fix a rare crash in IOU
  • Fix a crash when docker is used but not installed
  • Backport Docker node hot linking
  • Allows hot-linking for Docker containers. Ref #267.

GNS3 1.5.0 更新日志:( 2016 年 6 月 27 日)

  • Fix double extension of portable project
  • Disallow export of project with a cloud
  • Change view grid -> show the grid.
  • Check if a link can be removed from a running node. Fixes #1320.
  • Hide non implemented console options in general preferences. Ref #1315.
  • Improve snap to grid
  • Change grid color
  • Avoid a crash with snap to grid and ostinato logo
  • Add a view grid
  • Fix you can no longer capture if you start stop capture multiple time
  • A button to open the file browser with the configuration file location
  • Add snap to grid feature
  • Fix import of project with no disk
  • Allow for (a lot) more docker container ports. Fixes #593.
  • Raise an error if you try to use Docker on non Linux host
  • Fix a crash in Docker if daemon stop to respond
  • Fix a crash if Dynamips router has no initial configuration
  • Kill ghosts process at startup (Dynamips, VPCS, Ubridge)
  • Add configurable proxy settings

GNS3 1.4.6 更新日志:( 2016 年 4 月 28 日)

  • Fix a typo in Qemu preferences
  • Fix upload of large image to the VM
  • Reduce the number of connection tries from 120 to 40 when connecting the GNS3 server
  • running inside the GNS3 VM.
  • Include link to the GNS3 academy. Fixes #1178.
  • Snapback feature for port labels. Fixes #1182.
  • Prevent users to select VirtualBox.exe instead of VBoxManage.exe. Fixes #1195.
  • Improve the vmrun error message
  • If we can not read the registry try to guess vmware type from vmrun path
  • Ensure that you can not duplicate an interface in a cloud
  • Dissallow removal of link of running emulator without support of hotlink
  • Check PyQT version support dev version
  • Show server CPU usage if it’s 0
  • Clear warnings about using linked clones with VMware Player.
  • Double click center on link
  • Double click on an element in topology summary center the view on it
  • Fix a very very rare crash when closing a project
  • Avoid a small blink of the waiting text
  • Fix a crash with image item
  • Show a symbol in the middle of the link when packet capturing is activated. Ref #789.
  • GNS3 doctor: check if the NPF service is running. Fixes #1124.
  • Fixes progress dialog is None in accept()
  • Fix another race conditions in progress dialog
  • Replace the installation instructions by a link to the doc
  • More robust save/restore for VirtualBox linked clone VM hard disks.
  • Prevent non linked cloned hard disks to be detached when using VirtualBox linked cloned VMs. Fixes #1184.
  • Stricter checks to match VMware version to the right vmrun (VIX library) version. Also checks the VIX library version when only using the GNS3 VM running in VMware.
  • Allow only .pcap to be downloaded from remote stream API
  • Fix incrementation of qemu mac address
  • Clear warnings about using linked clones with VMware Player.
  • Alternative method to find the Documents folder on Windows.
  • Add IOU support and install config in /etc

GNS3 1.4.5 更新日志:( 2016 年 3 月 24 日)

  • Change some sentences.
  • Sort snapshots by date
  • Block save as and snapshot when a device is running
  • If you hit enter in the new project dialog it’s work
  • Display upload size during progress
  • This should avoid blinking dialog. And display better progress
  • SetupWizard: limit the number of vCPUs for the GNS3 VM to the number of physical cores.
  • Remove blocking code. Ref #1109.
  • Fixes “QThread: Destroyed while thread is still running”,
  • Add a timeout when you are not able to join the remote server
  • Remove bad smell from progress dialog and handle ESC key
  • Remove root required messages in cloud node. Ref #608.
  • Show a warning when the GUI is run with root rights. Fixes #608.
  • Change message when closing GNS3 with running device.
  • Ask the user to stop device before closing
  • At startup display a warning if another GUI is already running
  • Fix a crash if you delete a file while refreshing the list of appliances
  • Fix double opening of serial console
  • Always ask the server for builtin
  • Improve detection of vmrun on OSX
  • Delete image from images dir when no longer need
  • Sort node name in topology summary
  • Allow to show a message box for test without starting GNS3
  • Drop licence for paramiko since we no longer use it

GNS3 1.4.4 更新日志:( 2016 年 2 月 23 日)

Important fix
  • This version solved the issue with the VM wizard having all his options gray on some users computers.
  • Fix crash when selecting no image in GNS3A but clicking on Download
  • Fix crash when you have a file size None (testing a new gns3a)
  • Prevent the progress dialog to cancel the GNS3VM when it’s finish
  • Add a command show gns3vm to get the GNS3 VM status
  • Prevent setup wizard to appear if VM is running
  • Display error dialog if a custom console is invalid
  • Crash when you import GNS3A just after installing gns3 Fix #1063
  • Change the way we check is setup wizard has been turned off Fix #1071
  • Do not failed if GNS3 VM server has an incorrect version
  • Include the output from vmrun or VBoxManage when they return an error code.
  • Fixes bug that forced the GNS3 VM running in VirtualBox to restart even if no preferences had been changed.
  • Allows to cancel the progress dialog when GNS3 tries to contact the server running in the GNS3 VM.
  • Ask user to upgrade via the VM menu



  1. GuangXin

    上传 IOS 时,返回 500 Internal Server Error ,这个是什么原因呢?

  2. GuangXin

    就是通过 IE 上传 IOS 时,我看 vm log 显示 utf-8 无法转码,但是 locale 已经是 en_UTF-8 了,不知道怎么回事,多谢你了,十分感谢。我自己也在研究。